Wire Car Mat
Haima Brand G1, G2 and G3 Car Mats have the steel wire contained. The function of steel wire is to facilitate the profile adjustment of car mat to be adapted to the car. No worry at all for users for limited space anymore. Since the car mat is not prone to deformation and the Velcro sewn seam can fasten the car mat to the originally equipped rug to be fixed in place.
G1, G2 and G3 Car Mats have the steel wire contained.

Double Layer Seperable(I) Dual Color Car Mat(II) Double Layer Separation Type Net Mat(III)
Wire Car Mat
With the function of added steel wire, it allows you to adjust car mat as your wish.
Thanks to the steel wire contained in car mat which can be adjusted shape and angle to different model of car and provide the driver and passengers with comfortable and good looking car mat.
8 Advantage
Purify the dust 90% Bedrock sound proof 80% The slippery result 90%
The waterproof dust palliative 90% Easily pure wash easily 100% Bear the heat 80%
Receiving the dirt absorbs dirty 90% The just like flavor,constant form 90%    
Features of steel wire
Firm and durable, soft and comfortable
Water-proof, dust-proof, trip –proof and abrasion resistant
Sound proof and easy to clean.
With the added steel wire, the mat is not prone to deform
Adjustable to all models of car.
Steel Velcro sewn seam allows the mat to fix to the originally equipped rug.