The Haimar industry from establish, grasped the profession, trustworthiness,the attitude for being responsible for, provided the car friendseses to step the need of the mat to the automobile feet, through this several yearses diligently serve with the experience accumulate, got the each car friend's affirmation for the sea horse card more deeply, we not therefore self-satisfied, developed on the contrary and more and actively, stepped the mat from a layer feet generation, then developed a pair of colors feet to step the mat two generation, recently even developed the third generation automobile feet that separated the type net to step the mat, the super comfort of the texture soft, more promote the texture that the automobile feet stepped the superior quality of mat enjoyed, meet the need of different customer, and with eight guarantee greatly, the decontamination dust,bedrock soundproof, perfect slippery result, dirty mark garbage,waterproof dust palliative,easily pure easily wash,bear heat,the just like flavor,constantly form.In addition to developing the product of more comfortable texture, we expand to the international market more actively, stepping the Taiwanese sea horse card feet the mat brand push toward internationalization, let the love car clanses of the nations in the whole world all countrieseses all can enjoy to the feet to step the comfort of the mat, this is the target and the prospect of the future sea Haimar industry.
SGS Test Report
SGS Test Report Sample Photo
8 Assurance
Dust cleaning 90% Bottom sound proof 80% The just like flavor,constant form 90%
Accommodating dirt 90% Water and dust proof 90% Easy to clean and wash 100%
Bear the heat 80% Slippery proof 90%    
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The enduring time limit of the constant form of the usage is long, about three years(at normal usage the appearance descends)
The general article will transform, about 12 months of 6~(the normal usage appearance descends)
When damaged, it can be replaced piece by piece without changing the whole set of the car.
Must to changing the whole set of the car.
Strong slippery proof function and free of shifting
even not fixed.
Specially treated surface layer strengthened slippery proof and waterproof function with strong slippery function.
Completely without slippery stopping ability.
Double layers construction enhances dust and debris absorption function, easy to treat, washable, free of odor attachment.
Water wash reduces service life. Difficult to clean.
With primary bottom soundproof effect, up to 80%.
Do not have bottom soundproof effect.
Can be made to specified car model. Fixed type
Can not made to specific needs of model.